Masters in Finance - At a Glance

  • Full-Time: 1- 1.5 years
  • Part-time: 2 years (on average)

All students have the flexibility of 6 years to complete their degrees.

Format On Campus or Online

30-42 credits total

  • Foundation requirements: 11 credits
  • Core courses: 9 credits
  • Elective courses: 21 credits
Curriculum Breakdown View Courses and Requirements
Weekly Schedule

On campus: most classes are offered in 15-week sessions, with each class meeting one night per week.

Online: classes are normally offered in 8-week accelerated sessions, with most classes meeting “live” online one evening per week.

Profile of a Fellow Student
  • Full-time students in the MS in Finance Program ​average 1 to 3 years of work experience.
  • Part-time students average 5 to 12 years of work experience
  • International applicants average 2 to 4 years of work experience.

While most students work in the financial industry, we welcome students from all academic and professional backgrounds. No work experience is required to begin the program. We welcome diversity in academic, professional, and geographic background in our classroom, as it adds value to the student experience and facilitates discussion.


$1043 per credit (2018-2019)

Housing SJU has on and off-campus housing options for adult and graduate students.
Adult Student Life SJU’s Office of Adult Student Life provides programming, advocacy and support services.
Support for Student Veterans

SJU is a yellow ribbon school that accepts GI education benefits. Our Office of Veterans Services can help you access and understand the benefits available to you, and will support you during your educational career at SJU.

Career Development Center The Career Development Center offers a host of resources including resume review, interview prep, on-campus career fairs and interviews, workshops and networking events.
Graduate Assistantships Graduate assistantships offer tuition remission and stipend. Positions are available, but highly competitive. Once you apply, please note that all offices manage their hiring individually and will contact individual candidates if interested.
Graduate Business Student Association All SJU graduate students are invited to participate in this student-led organization that offers networking and social events.



Online courses are offered in accelerated 8-week modules. Online classes utilize a web conferencing platform called Zoom, where you will attend class virtually one night each week. This platform allows professors to upload and present class material in much the same was as they would upload and present them in a physical classroom. Students are able to ask questions, participate in discussions and remain engaged. In addition to weekly course meetings, you will be responsible for online discussion posts, individual assignments, tests, papers, and possible group assignments. Please be sure to check individual syllabi for specific course information. Online classes also create the opportunity to build your virtual collaboration skills.

Graduate students within the Haub School of Business have the benefit of pursuing a second degree program at an accelerated pace by transferring up to four courses from their first degree into their second degree. This means that students may be able to complete a second degree program in as little as six courses. To pursue this opportunity, students are required to complete their first degree in its entirety. While in the final semester of the first degree, students will apply to the second degree program. All supporting application materials from your initial application will be utilized. Please contact the Graduate Office for further details and individual advising on this dual degree option.  

Foundation courses can be waived based on previous academic studies. At the time of application, your undergraduate or graduate transcript is reviewed for foundation waivers. The number of credits for each course, the grade you received, the institution where you completed the course, and when you completed the course are all taken into consideration for foundation waivers.

The Graduate Business Office can provide  an unofficial evaluation of your transcripts to determine which foundation courses you may  be waived from. An unofficial copy of your transcript is necessary for this option. Please note that any evaluation done with an unofficial copy of the transcript is not considered an official evaluation.

International students must submit a WES evaluation and official transcripts for this evaluation to be performed.

Students cannot be waived from the following foundation course:

DSS 510 – A proficiency exam is built into the course. If you receive a grade of 80 or above on the proficiency exam at the beginning of the semester you are automatically waived from this course and your tuition is refunded.