By their junior year, many Honors Students will seek eligibility for Departmental Honors and University Scholars distinction. Each requires the completion of an original project or thesis in the student’s senior year. Work on these projects can be counted towards the completion of course requirements.

Many Honors students have taken part in the Summer Scholars Program, in which students spend the summer months engaging in faculty-mentored research, creative writing, fine and performing arts pursuits, and other scholarly endeavors. Some of these opportunities have developed into Departmental Honors and University Scholars projects. In 2011, 101 students participated in the Summer Scholars Program. Examples of student projects include:

Jessica Kesler ’12, Chemistry Education, worked with Jean Smolen, Ph.D., associate professor of Environmental Chemistry on their topic, “Investigation of Water Quality in the West Philadelphia Area, Relative to the Belmont Water Supply."

Corrina Noel ’13, Mathematics, worked under the direction of Richard George, Ph.D., professor and Gerald E. Peck Fellow of Food Marketing, on her project, “Calorie Posting on Menus: Does Gender, Age, and Education Level Impact Consumer Choices?”

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