German Major

One of the world's largest exporters and a major trade partner for the U.S. and Canada, Germany and its culture impact our lives on a daily basis. German is the most widely-spoken language in the European Union, with more than 100 million native speakers; in the U.S., more than five million citizens report at least partial German ancestry. An understanding of German and German culture offers students the advantage of a connection to one of Europe's most pervasive cultures.

At Saint Joseph's, students of the German program achieve proficiency in the language by completing courses taught in the language and studying the country's social, business and political cultures. An 8:1 student-faculty ratio allows for the individual attention and support required to master any language. In addition, all foreign language students at SJU have access to renovated learning facilities, including a language and writing lab, as well as multimedia-enabled classrooms. Graduates go on to work in international relations, diplomatic service, international law and business.

In addition to their coursework, students of the German program are encouraged to study abroad in Marburg, Germany, through Millersville University in Lancaster, or Vienna, Austria, through the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) for a semester or their junior year. Summer study abroad opportunities are also available in many cities and major towns throughout Germany.