Interdisciplinary Health Services Major

Health care is easily one of the fast growing fields in the United States. Rapid changes in demographics, advances in medical technology and medical science have increased the need for more educated, committed and compassionate people to enter this field.

If you know that you’re interested in the medical and helping professions and are looking for your niche, be it nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy or health administration, the interdisciplinary health services (IHS) program is perfect for you. The curriculum will prepare you for a wide range of health care positions in hospitals, health departments, health agencies, research facilities, schools, and industry.

Chronic illnesses are the largest concern for the health care industry. It is expected that most Americans will live with some sort of chronic illness for approximately 13 of the average 76 years of life. What makes SJU’s IHS program unique, is its approach to medicine using a carative model; that is, the focus is placed upon the patient living with and coping with a particular disease. This is in contrast to traditional medical practices that are based upon a curative model focused on fixing or curing the disease.

A major in IHS provides a comprehensive foundation in natural sciences, public health, the health care system and social sciences. You will be introduced to a broad spectrum of health issues including health behavior and management, legal and ethical concerns, environmental influences on health, nutrition, mental health, life cycle health, alternative/complementary medicine and epidemiology. Among the most attractive features of the IHS program is its flexibility to design an individual program based upon your interests and career goals. Students have the option to complete prerequisites needed for graduate programs in health-related fields and to minor in biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology or business.