Results and Outcomes

We live in a more global time than ever before where the largest business opportunities are no longer simply local, regional or even national. A bachelor’s degree in international business provides the global perspective, cultural understanding and business training that are in high demand at international firms and can lead to numerous careers in finance, insurance and technology and a wide range of other fields.

International business graduates from Saint Joseph’s are no exception. They have gone on to successful careers on many levels. Some of the positions recent graduates have accepted include:

  • Global Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Operations Control Officer
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Sales Agent
  • Asst. Director of Community Center
  • Risk Analyst

Well-known businesses continue to recruit and hire Saint Joseph’s international business graduates on an annual basis. Among the more recent are the AmeriHealth, BGC International (London), Kreischer Miller and Sallie Mae.

International business graduates typically have a variety of international professional opportunities from which to choose, which often bring attractive salaries. In the most recent survey years (2008-2012)[1], the average starting salary for a Saint Joseph’s international business graduate was $46,400.

Chosen Career Paths

[1] Based on 15 respondents to CDC survey