Africana Studies Minor

The vast continent of Africa and its people are abundant in culture, experiences, literature, art, religion, philosophy and history. As Africans  have dispersed throughout the world, this richness of life has taken on diverse forms.ÊThe Africana Studies Program offers students the opportunity to examine the many contributions made by African populations both inside and outside of the United States.

The program is grounded in an understanding of the intersecting roles of race, ethnicity, gender, class and culture in assessing the similarities and differences in experiences throughout the African diaspora. As a result, students of all backgrounds are better prepared to be effective participants in our diverse global community.

Coursework within the program is interdisciplinary and invites students to investigate religious diversity, the process of institutionalizing racism, and African texts, film and artwork, all in historical and contemporary contexts. Coursework relies heavily on the melding of different disciplinary perspectives, with some courses team-taught by faculty from different academic fields.

The Africana Studies program complements the mission of Saint Joseph's University by calling students to a deeper understanding of truth, justice and the common good. Additionally, this program enhances solidarity among students by providing them with a deeper knowledge of and appreciation for each other's respective cultures and histories.