Interdisciplinary Health Services Minor

With a large majority of the population aging and needing greater care, and medical advances moving at lightening speed, a career in the health care industry is a smart path.

If you know you’re interested in the medical and helping professions and are looking for your niche, a minor in interdisciplinary health services (IHS) can help fine-tune your career goals.

Students can choose from a broad spectrum of courses on health issues including socio-cultural influences on health, health management, the systems of health care, legal and ethical concerns, health behavior and promotion, environmental influences on health, nutrition, mental health, life cycle health, alternative/complimentary medicine and epidemiology. The curriculum will prepare you for a wide range of health care positions in hospitals, health departments, health agencies, research facilities, schools, and industry.

The demand for quality health professionals is on the rise. Building upon our existing expertise in this sector, Saint Joseph's University has created a  School of Health Studies and Education, which will officially open in the Fall of 2019. Over 40 existing undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and certificate programs, including this one, will be housed in this school.