• Marc Kramer

    Five Competitive Advantages, Five Ways to Drive New Business this Small Business Week

    Monday, May 1, 2017

    In honor of National Small Business Week, celebrated this year April 30 - May 6, Marc Kramer, Family Business and Entrepreneurship Executive in Residence at Saint Joseph’s University, offers tips for generating new business.
  • Todd Erkis

    Avoiding Common Insurance Mistakes — Advice from an Actuary

    Thursday, March 23, 2017

    In the classroom, and in his recent book What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know: An Insider Shows You How to Win at Insurance, Todd Erkis has made it his goal to demystify the concept of insurance for people, including helping them avoid making the wrong decisions.
  • Daylight Saving Time Tips for Parents: Helping Kids Jump Out of Bed as the Clocks Spring Forward

    Wednesday, March 8, 2017

    Sunday, March 12, marks the start of Daylight Saving Time. While few relish losing an hour of sleep, an hour of sleep, parents often worry most about how their children will adjust to the change. Pediatric sleep expert Jodi Mindell, Ph.D., professor of psychology, has advice to help parents successfully transition children into Daylight Saving Time.
  • Politics Take the Playing Field at Super Bowl LI

    Friday, February 3, 2017

    Super Bowl LI, like every championship match-up before it, will inspire friendly bets, team rivalry and lots of yelling at the television. This year’s commercials, however, might get as heated as the game. David Allan, Ph.D. ’99 (MBA), chair of marketing at Saint Joseph’s University, offers predictions and commentary on this year's politically-charged championship.
  • Child sleeping.

    Holiday Sleep Tips for Kids Help Parents Keep the Season Bright

    Tuesday, December 13, 2016

    The holidays can pose great challenges for parents who must juggle seasonal excitement and overtired kids. SJU sleep expert and Professor of Psychology Jodi A. Mindell, Ph.D., offers suggestions for parents to help kids navigate high spirits and the need for rest during the holiday season.