Haub School Review, Fall 2011

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Making it in America: The Family Business
by Kristen A. Graham
Jobs are tough to come by in a down economy, but some alumni - and students in the new family business and entrepreneurship program - are learning to insure their futures by creating them...
Page 10

Faculty Commentary
by Communications Staff
HSB's renowned faculty weigh in on ad disclaimers, consumer confidence, baseball revenue and pharmaceutical mergers...
Page 6

More Than Just a Buzzword
by Carolyn Steigleman '10 (M.A.)
A group of Saint Joseph’s University graduate business students recently traveled overseas to find out how sustainability can be more than just a marketing ploy...
Page 16

Real World Problems, Real World Research
by Nicole Katze '11
Students in the Summer Scholars Program are using their time away from traditional classes to facilitate change in the world...
Page 18

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