Haub School Review, Spring 2011

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A Dialogue about Gender Bias in the Workplace
by Carolyn Steigleman ’10 (M.A. )
Today, members of the first class admitted to Saint Joseph's, and those who followed, are recognized leaders in their fields. But that success didn’t happen overnight...
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First-Year Seminar Inspires Gender Discourse
by Nicole Katze ’10 (M.A.)
A new class at Saint Joseph’s, Gender in the Workplace, strives to approach the intricate gender issues faced in the workforce today...
Page 16

Back to (Grad) School
by Carolyn Steigleman
The Haub School of Business’ largest graduate program, the Professional MBA, saw an 11 percent increase in enrollment over last year...
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A Plate of Surprises
by Carolyn Steigleman ’10 (M.A.)
A research team from the Haub School of Business says consumers are often duped into purchasing foods they believe are organic...
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Marketing in a Digital World
by Nicole Katze ’10 (M.A.)
In a new class, students learn through practice how to integrate social media into marketing strategy...
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