Haub School Review, Spring 2013

Author: Michael Bradley

Page: 10

Back in 2009, Wawa was working on a new competency model for the corporation, something that would grow out of the core leadership values that had helped the nation’s third largest convenience chain store thrive for so many years. That new focus meant any accompanying management training needed to be engaging and dynamic. It couldn’t come off the shelf.

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  • Author: James Sanders '13 (M.A.)

    Page: 16

    Most business schools are filled with classes that cover almost every aspect of the field, but few teach students how to relate to diversity in the workplace. Even fewer use comedy as a method of choice.

  • Author: Carolyn Steigleman ’10 (M.A.)

    Page: 18

    From an office in Mandeville Hall, Eric Patton, Ph.D., assistant professor and director of SJU’s managing human capital program, serves as the lead professor for a course he wrote and developed for students 7,500 miles away.

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