Intellect, Spring 2011

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Gambling on the Big Game: The Risk of Concussions
A professor of psychology and his associates published a study that identifies potentially enduring effects of multiple previous concussions on high school students...
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From Kitchen to Classroom, New Classes Nourish
To hone students' writing and epicurean skills, a professor developed a class that stimulates palates and imaginations...
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Water, Water Everywhere — But Not a Drop to Drink
A team of 10 graduate and undergraduate students are developing an inexpensive and sustainable slow-sand water filter for use by Third World nations...
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Understanding Variables in Mathematics Achievement
A specialist in educational leadership is researching students’ opportunity to learn mathematics in preschool, kindergarten and early grades...
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Switchgrass & Green Roofs: Researching Sustainability

A grant from the Department of Energy is funding key research and public education projects that will impact the sustainability movement...
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Sleepless Across the Globe: A Cultural Look
A professor of psychology found dramatic discrepancies in nighttime sleep of children in a published global study...
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Investigating the Genetics of Cancer and Aging

Awarded a grant by the National Institutes of Health to investigate the science of cancer and aging, one professor has long been interested in the chromosome ends and their function in the aging process...
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Calm and Composed: The Art of Susan Fenton
With nearly 30 solo exhibitions under her belt, and as a part of 19 permanent collections, it's no surprise that students seek the expertise of one of SJU's most accomplished artists...
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