Intellect, Spring 2014

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  • Author: Nicole Katze '11 (M.A.)

    Page: 2

    A culturally rich, vibrant metropolis with distinct neighborhoods, Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in America and home to more than 1.5 million people. But one in six children living in Philadelphia goes to bed hungry every night. An SJU professor is exploring why.

  • Author: Amanda Sapio '13

    Page: 4

    Suniti Sharma, Ph.D., assistant professor of education, has conducted extensive research on the literacy and education of females in prison, focusing on how race, class, gender, sexual orientation and other factors lead to incarceration. Ten years ago, she was offered a position teaching English at a female juvenile detention facility.

  • Author: Patricia Allen '13 (M.A.)

    Page: 6

    A trio of SJU scientists are studying the growth of the Asian fruit fly in the United States.

  • Author: Kelly Welsh '05 (M.A.)

    Page: 8

    Does the way a flamingo curves its neck tell us anything about the bird's personality? Psychologist Matthew Anderson, Ph.D., has been researching to find out.

  • Author: Patricia Allen '13 (M.A.)

    Page: 10

    Amber Abbas, Ph.D., assistant professor of history, has found excitement in learning about places and events directly from the mouths of those who experience them.

  • Author: Nicole Katze '11 (M.A.)

    Page: 12

    Dennis Weeks, M.F.A., captures multiple moments at the same place with his camera and stitches them together, creating scenes that would otherwise never have happened.

  • Author: Kelly Welsh '05 (M.A.)

    Page: 14

    Few species of mammals — only about five percent — are bi-parental, with both males and females showing high levels of care to their offspring. The California mouse is among these rare species and has attracted the attention of Elizabeth Becker, Ph.D., who’s kind of a rare breed herself.

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