Letters to the Editor


Fr. Godfrey Named to Hogan Chair

I was very pleased to see your mention of Fr. Joseph Godfrey (Summer 2011 issue, page 8).  He was one of my philosophy teachers in 1975 and I still remember him as an interesting teacher. However, most of all I remember him as a very decent and kind person. During spring semester, I wanted to spend the Passover seder with my family in Massachusetts but going there would have meant missing Fr. Godfrey’s class. I was a single mother with young children and had used up all of my valid absences. I explained the situation to Fr. Godfrey and asked for another absence. Without even saying yes or no, he just offered to save his notes for me so that I wouldn’t miss the class material. Another student had offered to take notes for me but when I told Father Godfrey this, he said he thought his notes would be more helpful. 

I have been a teacher myself for over 30 years, and often when my students have to deal with extraordinary situations, I remember Father Godfrey’s kindness and just pass it on.

Saint Joseph’s was a wonderful training ground for becoming a learned and also compassionate teacher. Many thanks!

Jacqueline Silver ’77 (B.S.) Seattle, Wash.