SJU Magazine, Fall 2015

Author: Molly Crossan Harty

Page: 12

A symbol of Philadelphia Catholic history welcomes prospective students and families to Saint Joseph’s University. More »

In This Issue

  • Author: Patricia Allen '13 (M.A.)

    Page: 18

    A new and exquisitely crafted statue that embodies the evolution of Jewish-Catholic relations drew the attention of Pope Francis on his visit to Philadelphia in September.

  • Author:

    Page: 22

    The historic inauguration of Saint Joseph’s 28th president, the University’s first lay chief executive, occurred on September 18.

  • Author: Clint J. Springer, Ph.D.

    Page: 39

    On June 18, 2015, with the publication of his papacy’s second encyclical, Laudato Si [Praised Be], His Holiness Pope Francis solidified the Catholic Church’s social teaching on the environment and clarified the way humans should interact

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