SJU Magazine, Spring 2009

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Reflecting on Service and Justice, Saint Joseph’s Style
by Thomas W. Durso ’91 (B.A.), ’02 (M.B.A.)
Alumni are drawing on their experiences as SJU undergraduates to transform their lives and those of others...
Page 12


Safe at H.O.M.E.: Sr. Mary Scullion ’76
by Thomas W. Durso ’91 (B.A.), ’02 (M.B.A.)
Her goal is to end homelessness in Philadelphia. If anybody can do it, it’s Sr. Mary Scullion...
Page 18

It’s a Pop Quiz!
by Molly Harty
Think you know a lot about SJU? Here’s a chance to test your knowledge of Hawk Hill...
Page 20

Moral Hazards of the Economic Crisis
by Carolyn Steigleman
The buck stops here. Or does it? How did subprime mortgage lending spiral out of control?
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