SJU Magazine, Summer 2016

Author: Kristen A. Graham

Page: 4

An innovative SJU partnership improves health care for needy populations and decreases hospital expenses. More »

In This Issue

  • Author: Molly Crossan Harty and Kelly Welsh ’05 (M.A.)

    Page: 10

    The University’s first lay president sees a long horizon at Saint Joseph’s.
  • Author: Marisa (Fulton) Benjamin ’03

    Page: 14

    Genetically modified organisms whip up controversy with consumers and food industry experts.
  • Author: JoAnn Greco

    Page: 16

    The political career of Michael DiBerardinis ’71 takes him from student activist on Hawk Hill to a top post in Philadelphia City Hall.
  • Author: Sarah Panetta ’16

    Page: 18

    With grit and determination, student-athlete Avery Marz bounces back from a stroke.

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