SJU Magazine, Winter 2009

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Channels of Discovery
by Sarah Whelehon Hennessey ’07 (M.A.)
The days of pure textbook learning are long gone. Today’s students have virtually unlimited potential for academic discovery at Saint Joseph’s...
Page 12


Still in the Game: Mike Bantom ’73
by Joseph M. Lunardi ’82 (B.A.)
Former NBA player, Olympic competitor and Hawk standout Mike Bantom now works with aspiring pros...
Page 18

1968: A Year in Strife
by Patricia Allen
Forty years later, students are learning how the events of 1968 affect the world today...
Page 20

The Life of a Modern Priest
by Kristen A. Graham
Four alumni reflect on how priests promote the traditional beliefs of the Church and stay connected in an increasingly complex world...
Page 22

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