Alexandra Marcantonio: Four Things You Should Know About Food Marketing

Monday, February 18, 2019

When Alexandra Marcantonio joined the SJU freshman class in 2015, she knew that she had a passion for marketing, but didn’t quite know how that would manifest in her career. Nearly four years later, the path couldn’t be any clearer for the senior food marketing major and student president of the Food Marketing Association (FMA). Soon she’ll be graduating from the program and joining the sales leadership development program at E&J Gallo Winery. Before she departs though, there’s a few things she’d like people to know about the SJU Haub School of Business’ food marketing program.


The opportunities for food marketing majors go far beyond the classroom.


When I came to Saint Joseph’s, I was so excited to see all the opportunities that were available to me by getting involved in the food marketing program.  That’s what really sold me on selecting it as one of my majors.  Everything from the generous scholarships, to the study tours in different countries, to the leadership positions afforded to me, and eventually getting the right internships and job opportunities offered to me while still here at school.  Many major food companies come to St. Joe’s on a monthly basis and put on a presentation for our students.  So, by the time you’re ready to graduate, you’ve met with and are familiar with a lot of the companies in this industry.


If you’re looking to enter the job market with ‘real-world’ experience – you’ve found your program.


I’m going into the sales leadership development program for E&J Gallo Winery which is a wine and spirits company. I interned with them last summer and I’ve accepted a full-time position with them when I graduate in the spring. The food marketing program really makes these kinds of connections easy for the students. They set it up so that you’re not just getting one or two internships; but instead multiple valuable experiences that lead to various opportunities just because you’re part of this program. 


If not looking to work in a “grocery store” setting, no worries – you’ll learn tactical marketing practices that apply to every industry.


One thing that makes people a little hesitant when it comes to food marketing is thinking that you have to go into the food industry after the program and that couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t have to go into a grocery store or that type of setting. We have people who go into Target or Walmart because the concepts that you learn in the program apply to many different business markets. 


Studying other discipline to enhance your degree is supported and highly encouraged.


The great thing about the food marketing program is that if you are also interested in other business courses, there’s always opportunity to double-major or cross-major in other programs makes you even more marketable. SJU really encourages double majoring in courses like international business, international marketing, business intelligence and business analytics.  Doing this enhances your skills even more.



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