Business School Adds Five Majors to Curriculum

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Haub School of Business has introduced five new majors to the undergraduate curriculum: Business Administration; Family Business and Entrepreneurship; International Business; Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Sustainability; Managing Human Capital, and Sports Marketing. Students will have the option to declare these majors beginning Fall 2011.

“I’m very interested in the new majors, specifically sports marketing,” says sophomore Patrick Oates. “I ideally want to end up in the sports industry and this major will help to give me the best opportunity possible.”

Management Major Nicole Arnold ’11, whose family owns a home heating and air conditioning company, shared her perspective on what is to be gained from the new family business and entrepreneurship major. “The economy is unstable right now…I feel that having a family business and entrepreneurship major will prepare us as students to ‘become our own boss’ and take the future into our own hands,” she explains.

The process of developing the new majors involved collaboration among students, faculty, other business schools, and the local business community. “We recognized that industries have changed and evolved, just as our students have,” says Joseph DiAngelo, Ed.D. ’70, dean of the Haub School Business. “As we prepare students for internships and jobs, we want to be certain they can hit the ground running.”

The range of credit hours for the new majors/minors vary.

Business Administration (no minor available): As a major, students are offered the tools, theory and practical knowledge required to function within a general business environment. The major requires six upper-division courses in three of the seven Haub School of Business academic departments: accounting, decision & system sciences, finance, food marketing, marketing, management, and pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing.

Family Business and Entrepreneurship (minor available): Substantial research suggests entrepreneurial and family businesses represent nearly 50 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product. This major is designed to prepare students interested in learning how to launch new ventures and function within a family business environment. Students are required to take four content-specific courses (in sequence) and choose two courses from a set of electives.

Leadership and Organizational Sustainability (minor available): Students in this major will learn concepts and skills to be a leader who cares about long-term, sustainable effectiveness. The major is designed for students who strive to be leaders in for-profit businesses, as well as students who wish to enter the world of not-for-profit management. The major requires three, content-specific courses and three courses from a set of electives.

Managing Human Capital (minor also available): The goal of the program is to develop managers who lead human capital-centric/high-involvement organizations. Students will learn how to organize and manage people so that they perform in ways that lead to excellent organizational performance. The major requires three content-specific courses and three courses chosen from a set of electives.

Sports Marketing (minor not available): With the constant expansion of the sports industry, new outlets have opened for students to pursue a career in sports. The major will require students to complete six content-specific courses. However, John Lord, Ph.D. ’71, chair of marketing, and his advisory board designed the program so that the sixth course will be an internship with a regional sports organization.

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