Career Options In Sports Expand as Industry Grows

Friday, April 8, 2011

When thinking about the sports industry, what typically comes to mind are the privileged few who have broken into the business as a professional athlete or a member of a prominent major-league front office. For many, a career similar to this is nothing more than a distant dream. However, recently, the business has grown into one of the largest industries in the United States, totaling around $213 billion annually; a staggering number considering it doubles the automotive industry, a business that was once a leader in this country.

According to John Lord, Ph.D., professor and chair of marketing specializing in sports marketing, this trend has lead to a greater number of career choices and outlets for students set on entering the field.

“The sports industry is very broad; it is very complex, and there are so many different pieces of it,” said Lord. “Just beyond the teams, the games, the leagues, and the events, there are all sorts of different industries. You have media, sports merchandise and licensing, agents and agencies and a host of other things.”

Of that $213 billion annual revenue, $27.43 billion comes from sales and marketing, the largest business area of the sports industry, leading Lord to create a new sports marketing major at Saint Joseph's University.

As the largest business in the sports industry, careers in sports marketing and sales continue to grow. More than ever before, teams and leagues are hiring brand managers, marketing analysts, sales associates, communication and public relations assistants, web managers, and advertising and promotions managers to attract more fans in hopes of turning a larger profit. If the trend of expansion continues in the sports industry, job options will continue open, making Lord’s sports marketing major a valuable and relevant study-area for students.

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