Exit Interview: Joleen Duarte Rodriguez

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Name: Joleen Duarte Rodriguez

Program: M.S. Health Administration (Online), Specialization in Informatics

Please list your current professional occupation (i.e. position, organization).

Supervisor/Cardiovascular Sonographer, Pacific Medical Centers

Why did you choose the SJU M.S. Health Administration Online program for graduate school?

When I decided to pursue a graduate degree in healthcare administration, I chose Saint Joseph’s University because of its innovative program, reputation and core values. I learned that the program offers an excellent framework for studying the field of healthcare management. Its curriculum encompasses the core facets of the industry and professors have abundant experience for adding value on how theory and practical application connect. Previously, I obtained my bachelors degree from Seattle University in Washington State, also a Jesuit college, and knew that an advanced degree from an institution with the same core values would set the cornerstone for a successful career for me in healthcare.

How do you think SJU’s approach to this field is different from other programs?

SJU integrates important social and Catholic values, such as social justice, into its curriculum making its approach to healthcare management stand out from other programs. Healthcare is a field in which the core of the profession is dedicated to community. Programs of excellence should include such important themes to develop intellectual and critical thinkers needed today. SJU does just that making it the most rewarding program for any student in healthcare.

How did the SJU M.S. Health Administration program and experience balance/integrate theory and practice?

As a student in program, I felt that the focus on present-day healthcare industry issues and real world management challenges in every lesson, while simultaneously presenting didactic material provided a vital connection for learning theory and practice. This approach made me become a critical thinker for my future profession. In a clear and comprehensible fashion, the lessons pushed me to learn and apply knowledge and skills, merging theory and practice, without mundane memorization tactics. In the online environment this could be difficult to achieve, but with the approach that my professors took, I felt I was challenged to apply strategies rather than memorizing facts.  

How did the courses and/or faculty help shape your experience as a student? How will they help prepare you or further your health administration? Has the program influenced you to pursue a related specialty in focus?

The program curriculum was very similar in structure to a brick-and-mortar course, but flexible and innovative for my lifestyle. The excellent framework, comprehensive curriculum, integration of core values, and challenging coursework helped prepare me for a successful career in healthcare management. I have completed the program confident that I am intellectually and professionally ready for post-graduation employment, and are wiser, more proficient, and stronger at critical thinking and strategizing, which is much needed in today’s ever-changing healthcare industry. My newfound confidence has encouraged me to become more active in my diagnostic medical imaging field, and I look forward to future endeavors in this healthcare specialty.

What are your future professional plans?

I am currently supervising Pacific Medical Centers’ Cardiovascular Laboratories across three counties in Washington State. My future professional plans will include the continued success of these quality diagnostic medical imaging centers. 

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