Faculty Experts Available for Comment on Democratic Debate

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saint Joseph's University faculty experts from four fields – history, sociology, economics and marketing – are available to speak about issues facing presidential candidates who are converging on Philadelphia for the Democratic debate.

The tips have been collected on the University's website, at http://www.sju.edu/vote08/. The site will be used throughout election season to highlight important voter issues.

The faculty experts are as follows:

Randall Miller, Ph.D., professor of history

Local and national urban issues; poverty, failing infrastructure, political corruption and immigration.

Contact: miller@sju.edu, 610-660-1748.

Maria Kefalas, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology and director of Saint Joseph’s University’s Institute for Violence Research and Prevention

Where candidates stand on gun violence

Contact: mkefalas@sju.edu, 610-660-2618.

Ben Liebman, Ph.D., assistant professor of economics

Housing market and the sub prime melt down, free trade and globalization.

Contact: bliebman@sju.edu, 610-660-1553.

Diane Phillips, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of marketing

Young voters seeking “authentic” candidates.

Contact: diane.phillips@sju.edu, 610-660-3232.

Jeffrey Hyson, Ph.D., assistant professor of history

Role of blogs in the debate and the campaign.

Contact: jhyson@sju.edu, 610-660-1746.

Katherine A. S. Sibley, Ph.D., professor of history,

Hillary Clinton’s advantages as a former first lady.

Contact: sibley@sju.edu, 610-660-1741

Media Contact

Patricia Allen, associate director of University Communications, 610-660-3240, pallen01@sju.edu. After business hours: 610-637-6145.

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