Faculty Member Endows Scholarship

Friday, November 18, 2011

John Stanton, Ph.D., professor of food marketing, and his wife, Carol, believe in the power of education. The couple recently endowed the James J. Neville, S.J. scholarship for students in Saint Joseph's University's food marketing program. Valued at $50,000, this is the third scholarship supported by the Stantons since 2001.

"James Neville was a Jesuit and he was also my wife's uncle," says Stanton. "There was no question that he was more than a good priest; he was a very good man. My wife and I wanted to do something to honor his commitment to St. Joe's and to being a Jesuit."

Students must complete their theology requirements in order to be eligible for the award, and the Department of Theology and Religious Studies will select the winner.

While some may not understand the correlation between theology and food marketing, the relationship is very clear to Stanton. "The founders of the food marketing program thought that one of the ways to address the problem of world hunger was to educate people in the food industry in the context of a Jesuit tradition," he says. "They thought that if people went into the food industry believing in 'men and women for others,' there would be a positive impact in dealing with hunger," he adds. "On top of that, it is my belief that before we can educate someone in food marketing, they have to have some level of understanding of the greater world."

The Stantons are committed to providing assistance to students in need as they once faced similar circumstances. "Both Carol and I had to rely on others to pay for our education. Carol went to school on a Jesuit scholarship and I went through school primarily working menial jobs." Stanton recalls washing pots in fraternity houses and being a waiter in order to be able to cover part of his tuition expenses. "If someone hadn't helped us, we wouldn't be here."

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