Italian Program Sponsors Grant-funded Spring Workshops

Friday, January 21, 2011

Paola Giuli, Ph.D., associate professor of foreign languages and literatures, has secured a grant from the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia to fund four workshops on “Teaching Italian Today: Language, Culture and Technology.” The courses will address the cultural, linguistic, and pedagogical aspects of teaching Italian in middle school and high school, cover the latest trends in language teaching, and provide an updated image of Italy – not just as the cradle of western civilization but also as an advanced and modern country.

The program will benefit area high school and middle school faculty, as well as SJU seniors aspiring to be teachers of Italian, and recent alumni from SJU’s Italian program. With the help of matching funds from Saint Joseph’s University, the day-long sessions are set to occur on four Saturdays in the spring. The schedule is as follows:

February 5: Sociolinguistic Variation and Language Pedagogy

  • Dr. Elaine Shenk (SJU)-“Topics in Language Variation”
  • Dr. Jennifer Ewald (SJU) and Dr. Anne Edstrom (Montclair State)-“Theory Meets Reality in the Language Classroom”
  • Dr. Enza Antenos-Conforti (Montclair State)- “The Potential of Social Networks to Facilitate Language Learning”
  • Dr. Encarna Rodriguez (SJU)- “Language and Pedagogy”

February 26: New Technologies

  • Dr. Giuliana Perco (Bryn Mawr College)-“Virtual Environments: A New Space for Language Learning”
  • Dr. Paola Giuli (SJU)-“Contemporary Culture and the Media: Keeping It Real with Skype”
  • Dr. Rita Pasqui (University of Pennsylvania)-“Teaching a Foreign Language through Music Videos”
  • Ms. Joan Manghisi (SJU)-“Experiential Learning: Using the Media in Study Abroad Programs”

March 26: Cinema and Media

  • Dr. Paola Giuli (SJU)-“From Text to Film: Using Adaptation to Develop Reading and Writing Skills”
  • Ms. Fulvia Serra (University of Pennsylvania and SJU)-“A Communicative Approach to a Traditional Text: ‘How to Make a Silent Text Talk’”
  • Ms. Bianca Magello (SJU)- “Using realia in the Classroom: Advertising and Newspapers”
  • Dr. Giorgio Galanti (Director of Education Programs at the Italian Consulate)-“Participatory Observation: a Fundamental Education Principle”

April 30: Theater and Teaching Trends

  • Dr. Nicoletta Marini (Dickinson College)-“Let’s Make Them Speak! Or, Teaching Italian through Theater”
  • Mr. Luca Mazzotti (SJU)-“’Dinner Party’: Staging a Full-length Play with Intermediate Students”
  • Dr. Kristen Grimes (SJU)-“Nello Studio dell’artista: Teaching Language and Culture through Art”
  • Dr. Giorgio Galanti, Chair – Roundtable-“Trends and Tendencies: The AP Test and the Future of Italian Studies in the US”

Each session will be followed by group work which will produce the draft of a lesson plan based on the day’s presentations. Lessons will be posted on Blackboard and shared with all participants. The programs will take place in classrooms in Merion Hall, ideally suited for instruction using technology and group participation.

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