Project Encourages Students to Engage in Acts of Kindness

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PHILADELPHIA (May 13, 2009) – On Thursday, May 7, Saint Joseph’s University President Timothy R. Lannon, S.J., was presented with acts of kindness - 4,606 of them to be exact:

Encouraged my friend to do homework. Held the elevator. Let a car go first. Helped a friend with calculus. Kept my grandparents company. Helped my mom with dinner...

Over the course of the spring semester, the fraternity brothers of Sigma Pi collected these acts as a way to promote thoughtfulness on campus.

“The idea behind the project was to create an awareness of Saint Joseph’s mission to be men and women of service to others,” explained Nick Despotidis ’11 of Sigma Pi who organized the effort. “Even though these seem like small acts, each behavior created an awareness of how great it feels to do nice things for others.”

Fr. Lannon, a Greek himself at Creighton University in Mason City, Iowa, applauded the brothers of Sigma Pi for their efforts. “This is truly impressive,” remarked Fr. Lannon, holding a glass case filled with the written acts of kindness. “Congratulations on this achievement and for your commitment to the University.”

Sigma Pi president Brian Denk ’10 envisions the acts of kindness campaign as an annual effort for the fraternity. “What started as a smaller project within the brotherhood eventually snowballed into an infectious campus-wide campaign,” said Denk. “Sigma Pi will continue this project for years to come in an effort to spread good will across our campus.”

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