SJU, Lower Merion And Philadelphia Police To Stage Emergency Drill

Monday, October 15, 2012

PHILADELPHIA (October 15, 2012) -- Saint Joseph’s University will conduct an emergency preparedness exercise on Tuesday, Oct. 16, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., in LaFarge Hall and in the surrounding area on the University’s Philadelphia campus. The drill will consist of a simulated crisis scenario involving armed individuals on campus.

“Our goal in staging this simulated campus crisis exercise is to raise awareness within the University community of how to be prepared and react in the event of an actual emergency situation,” said John Henfey, Saint Joseph’s director of public safety. “This is a proactive learning opportunity to assess and improve our security response and communications.”

The Lower Merion and Philadelphia Police Departments are working with University officials in coordinating the exercise.  In advance of the drill, the University community will be notified via text messaging of its impending occurrence. At the time of the exercise, a “this is only a test” text message will be sent, and the Barbelin/Lonergan Bell Tower public address system and siren will also be activated.

There will be a significant amount of increased police activity and emergency response vehicles in and around the campus during the time of the exercise as well as emergency sirens.  The police will also be using simulated ammunition which may mimic the sound of real gunshots.

As part of the exercise, portions of the campus surrounding LaFarge Hall will be cordoned off.  It is anticipated that there will be minimal disruption to the University community, in part because it is taking place on the second day of Fall Break and no classes are scheduled. 

General information about campus-wide emergency procedures and resources is available online at:

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