SJU Panel Series Celebrates World Meeting of Families

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Saint Joseph's University will host a series of panel discussions beginning on Monday, Sept. 21, to complement the World Meeting of Families, which will happen in Philadelphia at the same time. The panels will be comprised of and moderated by experts from across Saint Joseph's faculty.

“Delegates at the World Meeting of Families will discuss the current state of the family around the world and help chart a course for the Church to advocate for positive change,” says Jim Caccamo, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of theology and religious studies. “SJU’s Meeting on the Family is aimed at bringing these issues to our students, introducing them to current research by members of our faculty on the lives of families today.”

All discussions will take place at 3:30 p.m. in the Cardinal Foley Campus Center. The schedule of events is as follows:

Monday, Sept. 21
What Do We Mean by Family? An Overview of Contemporary Families
Panelists: Marybeth Ayella, Ph.D., assistant professor of sociology; Maria Kefalas, Ph.D., professor of sociology; Tia Pratt, Ph.D., visiting instructor of criminal justice and public safety
Respondent: Brendan Sammon, Ph.D., assistant professor of theology and religious studies

Tuesday, Sept. 22
The Family Economy—The Impact of the Economy and Economic Stress
Panelists: Laura Crispin, Ph.D., assistant professor of economics; Karen Hogan, Ph.D., professor of finance; Benjamin Cummings, Ph.D., assistant professor of finance
Respondent: Mari Rapela Heidt, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor of theology and religious studies

Wednesday, Sept. 23
Families in Crisis — Difficult Situations that Present Stresses on Family Life
Panelists: Suniti Sharma, Ph.D., assistant professor of education; Nicolle Clements, Ph.D., assistant professor of decision and system sciences; Millicent Feske, Ph.D., associate professor of theology and religious studies
Respondent: Daniel Joyce, S.J., executive director of mission programs and adjunct professor of theology and religious studies

Thursday, Sept. 24
Families in the Media Age — Use and Portrayal of Family Members in Communications and the Media
Panelists: Phyllis Anastasio, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology; J. Michael Lyons, Ph.D., assistant professor of communication studies; Aimee LaPointe Terosky, Ed.D., assistant professor of educational leadership
Respondent: James Caccamo, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of theology and religious studies

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