Stress Relief on Four Legs

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

by Julia Snyder

Students visiting the Perch today experienced a unique way to kick Finals Week stress to the curb.

Anthony, Ivy and Bebito, three Nigerian dwarf goats from the Philly Goat Project, spent the afternoon delighting guests in a sunny corner of the community space.

“It’s really interesting how people inhabit their own bodies when they recognize the vulnerability of an animal,” said Lily Sage, assistant director of the Philly Goat Project. “We find that working with goats, which are a little more novel but still fuzzy and such social animals, puts you in a mindful moment. It can really reset your day.”

While in the pen, students were able to pet, photograph and even hold the furry visitors, while learning about the Philly Goat Project. The Germantown-based community program offers programs for various types of animal-assisted therapy, goat yoga and community wellness.

“Students are always looking for a chance to pour their heart into something,” says Sage. “I think it’s equally rewarding when they get a chance to interact with something that wants to pour its heart back.”

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