What NOT to Bring to College

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A dorm room is a limited space. So while the flat screen, couch and love seat fit comfortably in the U-Haul, students may encounter challenges cramming all of that stuff into the new dorm.

Kim Allen-Stuck, Ph.D., is an administrator at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where she counsels students on practical strategies for adjusting to college life.

Here are the list of items Allen-Stuck advises students NOT to bring to college this fall:

  • Land line phone -if you have a cell phone, a land line is redundant.
  • Stereo and CD collection -iTunes is portable and takes up less space.
  • Small appliances -toasters, hot pots and portable grills are often not permitted in dorm rooms.
  • Window air conditioning units -fall is just around the corner; a fan will suffice for the week or two left of warm weather.
  • Valuable jewelry, large sums of cash
  • Bed raisers, cinder blocks, loft units, etc.
  • Any form of bulk food -while it may seem like a good idea to buy in bulk, your new space is limited.
  • Skis, ice skates, snow suits -fall break is a good time to swap summer items for winter gear.
  • Any decorations from alcohol containers -(i.e. a champagne bottle vase is viewed evidence of consumed alcohol)
  • Small pets


Media Contact

Kim Allen-Stuck, Ph.D., director of student success at Saint Joseph’s University, can be reached at kallen@sju.edu or 610-660-1339.

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