Women’s Business Group Awards Scholarship to SJU Student

Thursday, January 14, 2010

PHILADELPHIA (Jan. 14, 2010) – The tattered and worn sticky notes that adorn Amanda Burd’s bedroom mirror are small windows into her ambitions and goals.  Many have been there so long that they’ve lost adhesive and are now supported only with the help of tape. They say things like, “I will go to an excellent college and excel,”  “I will become an excellent businesswoman,” and “I will become an excellent business owner.”  Some are for goals long ago achieved and others act as reminders for those yet to be checked off the list.  The one constant in all of them is that the words “want to” and “hopefully” never appear, only “will.”

It was recently announced that Burd, a senior marketing major, is the recipient of the Zonta International Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship. This scholarship, valued at $5,000, is given annually to “women of any nationality pursuing an undergraduate business degree who demonstrate outstanding potential in the field, and will support Burd as she prepares for a career in business.

“My initial reaction was one of both shock and gratitude,” says Burd, who had previously been named the winner of both the regional and district awards before being named an international recipient of this scholarship.

Following her graduation in May, Burd will take a position as a business management associate with General Mills, where she previously completed an internship.  She is excited to apply the lessons and principles she has learned in the Erivan K. Haub School of Business to a career in marketing.

“There is a real creative aspect of marketing, but numbers are the bottom line – literally,” Burd says.  “A career in marketing means I’ll face challenging questions and competition every single day, yet these hurdles provide opportunities to innovate.  I’m a competitive person, so solving problems and taking on challenges is very appealing.”

Even with all of her individual success, Burd is quick to point out those that have helped her along the way.

“The past few years have been crammed with accomplishments and incredible experiences, but my successes can be attributed mainly to the people in my life who never hesitate in cheering me forward,” Burd said, crediting her advisor, Brent Smith, Ph.D., and, Diane Phillips, Ph.D., chair of the marketing department, for her academic achievements.

Despite all of the sticky notes that have made their way onto her mirror, Burd has not lost sight of the one that bears her ultimate goal: “I will be me and I will be happy.”


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