A World Championship for Philly: A City of 'Winners'

Monday, March 9, 2009

Philadelphia has been a frustrated city for a long time. The city's professional sports teams stir up passion like little else, but Philadelphians had experienced a dearth of championships and a large dose of frustration over so many seasons…until clinching the 2008 World Series this past October. So the question begs: will the City of Brotherly Love, which has a reputation for being anything but, buck its inferiority complex and shower the Phillies with love this spring?

"Seizing the World Series Championship released the pent-up frustrations of a 25-year drought," says John Lord, Ph.D., professor of sports marketing at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. "A city that revolved strictly around the fortunes of the Eagles suddenly became a baseball town once again."

Now, Lord says, we'll see whether or not that love will give Philadelphia fans more patience if the Phillies don't have the same success against a tough National League East this year. "Although I believe this championship will soften the edge, at least for a little while," explains Lord, "we're Philadelphia sports fans, and we will always have a case of the what have you done for me lately's."

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