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  • Sleeping Your Way to a Better School Year

    Saturday, September 1, 2007

    As the long, lazy days of summer come to an end, kids will complain about earlier bedtimes in addition to going back to school. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is urging parents to begin gradually changing kids' sleep patterns and easing them into school year bedtimes.

  • Stylish Swag for Cost-Conscious Consumers

    Saturday, September 1, 2007

    Mark your calendar for September 9. That's the day when customers nationwide will flock to their local Kohl's department store to buy clothing, shoes, and accessories by — Vera Wang?

    While her name may be more commonly associated with Oscar gowns and fashion show runways in Milan, Wang is just the latest in a flurry of high-end designers who are marketing their wares to customers who want to be in style and out-of-debt.

  • Office Gossip Can Get You in Legal Trouble

    Saturday, September 1, 2007

    Office workers are well aware that gossip is an inevitable reality of the workplace. "She did what?" "He said that to the CEO?" While some gossip is relatively harmless, other forms can be damaging to the target and even result in a criminal complaint.

  • What Can a Souvenir Tee Teach You?

    Wednesday, July 4, 2007

    "Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy" author will talk to SJU students

  • University's Birthplace Celebrates 275 Years with Symposium

    Sunday, January 14, 2007

    As one of the oldest Catholic parishes in America and the first site of Saint Joseph's University, Old Saint Joseph's in Center City Philadelphia celebrated its 275th anniversary with a day-long program of speakers and presentations on Sunday, Jan. 6, in its original location at 321 Willings Alley.

  • Weather and Emergency Status

    Wednesday, November 7, 2001

    SJU Emergency Cancellation Information

    In the event of an official class cancellation, delay to the start of classes or campus closing due to weather, power outage or other emergency, notice can be obtained from the communication systems listed below: