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Fall 2020 - By the Numbers

by Gail Benner

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While most universities decided to offer courses exclusively online for the fall 2020 semester, Saint Joseph’s knew that returning to on-ground operations was essential for the undergraduate Hawk Hill experience. Here’s a look at what it took to pull it off, by the numbers.

  • Thousands of hours of instructional prep time to customize courses.
  • 300K visits to
  • 1M+ emails.
  • 2 miles of adhesive vinyl for 8,000 signs.
  • 75% of classes offered face-to-face component.
  • 500 goodies delivered from the Quarantine Angels.
  • 1,700+ residential students.
  • 10% of rooms reserved for quarantine or isolation.
  • 2,000+ contacts by tracing team. 
  • 6,000 N95 masks donated to healthcare workers at the beginning of the pandemic, while maintaining essential supply for our staff. 
  • 2,000+ pieces of furniture were moved, labeled, shrink-wrapped and stored by facilities to de-densify classrooms in 7 days.
  • $1.1M in CARES Funding awarded to 1,063 students.
  • 1,650 individual tours to prospective students.
  • 45+ virtual Masses.


Although it was an unconventional semester, Saint Joseph's students reflect on their experience and express gratitude for the ability to learn and connect with professors and classmates on campus.