Good to Know

"Good to Know" showcases the professors and students of Saint Joseph's University. In each episode, we talk with someone who's doing interesting research or has topical expertise.

Episode 3: Stuck in Middle English with You: The Medieval Roots of Valentine's Day

In the midst of non-stop advertisements for new romantic comedies, over-spending on flowers and chocolates, and potential heartbreak this Valentine's Day, one may wonder, "Who can I blame for this fuss?" The answer might surprise you. Spend the holiday with medieval poet Geoffrey Chaucer and Associate Professor of English Paul Patterson. Patterson takes us through the medieval roots of today's celebration of love — with a little Middle English.

Episode 2: A Note From Our Sponsors: Advertising, Music and "The Big Game"

No matter which team you root for, one of Super Bowl Sunday’s big winners will undoubtedly be the advertisers. Commercials have become a big part of the day, and some of the most memorable ads have been paired with equally memorable songs. In this episode, David Allan, Ph.D. '99 (MBA), professor and interim chair of marketing, talks about popular music in advertising and how the combination can help or harm bands and brands. He also discusses his experience with the halftime show and what to expect from Justin Timberlake’s return.

Episode 1: Eight Hours: Sleep, Memory and Getting Both Right

How important is it to get the right amount of sleep? We'll answer with another question: how important is it to have a functioning memory? In the debut episode of "Good to Know," SJU neuroscientist and assistant professor of biology Jennifer Choi Tudor, Ph.D., discusses her research on the effect sleep deprivation has on the protein synthesis necessary for proper memory formation, and why getting the right eight hours of slumber — sleep when it's dark, work and play when it's light — is critical.


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