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Advising Support Center

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Connect with Our Advisors

The Advising Support Center supports undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Health Studies and Education. We are here to provide you guidance and will help you find a solution to your questions and concerns. Get in touch by booking an appointment, sending us an email giving us a call or stopping by our office in Barbelin.

  • Location: Barbelin Hall 117
  • Phone: 610-660-2631
Donna Klaessig

Donna Klaessig

Advisor for the Advising Support Center

Angela Harper

Angela Harper

Advisor for the Advising Support Center


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Find detailed answers to all your questions regarding your faculty advisor, degree requirements, majors and minors, grades, registration and more.


Prepare for and plan your schedule, find information on upcoming deadlines, download course sequence guides and more can be accomplished with our registration resources.


Need guidance in choosing and declaring a major? Refer to this step-by-step guidance in narrowing your choices and defining your goals.