Food Marketing

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine

Celebrity Chef Returns to Cook Up Support for Food Marketing Scholarships


Saint Joseph’s University’s Academy of Food Marketing is proud to present chef Robert Irvine, star of The Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” and “Dinner: Impossible,” as he hosts the 2017 Fundraiser for the Food Marketing Educational Foundation.

John Stanton, Ph.D.

Good Apple: Food Marketing Professor Earns ‘Best Paper’ Award for Organic Produce Study


John Stanton, Ph.D., professor of food marketing at Saint Joseph’s University, and his co-authors, received the Best Paper Award by the International Academy of Business and Public Administration (IABPA) for a study examining purchasing trends for organic produce.

Representatives from MARS visit a food chemistry class.

Food Chemistry: Where Business, Science and Chocolate Collide


When eating chocolate is on the syllabus, you can bet no one skips class. Students enrolled in Chem. 112 and 112L, a chemistry course for food marketing majors, packed into a Science Center classroom on Tuesday, November 9, for a visit from MARS Chocolate’s North American Headquarters. In the food chemistry course, business students learn about the nutritional makeup of foods and cover hot topics in the industry related to food composition.

SJU to Host 11th Annual Food Industry Summit


On Tuesday, October 11, Saint Joseph's University Food Marketing Department will host the 11th annual Food Industry Summit. This year’s topic is “Frontiers in Food: The Future of Fresh Prepared and On-the-Go.”

Caitlyn Fichtner '17 and Kristen Moisey '17

Two of Five National Scholarships Awarded to SJU Food Marketing Students


Of the just five scholarships awarded to students this year by the Network of Executive Women (NEW), two were received by SJU students studying food marketing.

Distance Makes the Habits Healthier: Advice on Snacking


Free food: It’s a growing workplace trend, especially in tech companies, to incentivize productivity and morale around the office. But how can companies promote healthy choices and still provide indulgent goodies? Google executives asked consumer behavior expert and Saint Joseph’s University professor Ernest Baskin, Ph.D. and his colleagues, to help them resolve that question.

Chef Robert Irvine

Food Network Celebrity Chef to Appear at SJU Food Marketing Fundraiser


Saint Joseph’s University’s Academy of Food Marketing will host Chef Robert Irvine, star of Restaurant:Impossible, at an event to benefit the Food Marketing Educational Foundation and the Office of Veterans Services on Tuesday, November 17.

Research Finds Grocery Apps Can Build Customer Loyalty


Consumers download smartphone apps developed by grocery retailers for two basic reasons: savings and convenience. Yet, these motivators are quickly matched by consumer enjoyment and enthusiasm for mastering the app — and food retailers can expect to see a correlation between how engaging and entertaining their app is and their digital customer retention.

Saint Joseph’s University Honors Alumni with Food Marketing Hall of Honor Day


Saint Joseph’s University will host the second annual Food Marketing Hall of Honor Day on April 21, from 4 to 8 p.m.