From the President: A Year in Review

Mark C. Reed, Saint Joseph's University's president

The publication of our annual University Report gives me the opportunity to contemplate the past year, celebrate achievements and express gratitude. As I reviewed this year’s report,

I came away with a clear storyline for Saint Joseph’s: progress, pride and people.

Our community continues to drive toward our goals. We’ve seen significant programmatic growth with the addition of new majors, minors, certificate programs and 4+1 options. We have been working tirelessly to prepare for University of the Sciences to merge into our institution; student quality continues to impress and our endowment is seeing unprecedented growth. In many ways, we are thriving more than ever.

There is a shared pride in our achievements and an optimistic spirit among our community because of all that we have advanced, achieved and created in recent months. We have a firm belief that education should be personal and holistic, so that students come away with learning and growth beyond their academic programs. This always drives our decision-making, and was especially true this past year. I feel fortunate to lead an institution so grounded in mission that it serves as a roadmap in both the good and difficult times.

Throughout my life, in all of my educational experiences, it has always been the people who left an indelible mark. Saint Joseph’s faculty and staff are full of these kinds of people, who are deeply committed and appreciate their responsibility to fulfill our mission and deliver a rich, personal and high-quality experience for our students. These individuals can be found on every corner of campus, from our public safety officers to our invested faculty to the Jesuits who call Hawk Hill their home and enrich our community’s Ignatian character.

Likewise, our student body is brimming with outstanding leaders whose impact will resonate here on campus long after their graduation. And I know that as our future alumni they will change their communities and better our world.

I am proud to share some stories from this year and introduce you to a few of these exceptional people.


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Mark C. Reed, Ed.D.



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