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As integration planning begins, more information will become available and communicated to our community through this site and additional venues. Your questions and comments will help us develop those resources and can be submitted here.

Looking for more information or clarification, see our Integration Glossary of Terms.

  • After conducting a thorough and thoughtful due diligence process, both Universities agreed that combining will offer both communities and all students with the greatest opportunity and richest educational experience. The Boards of Trustees of both Universities approved resolutions to execute an agreement to merge USciences with and into Saint Joseph’s. Presidents Reed and Katz signed the merger agreement. 

    A merger agreement is the legal document that sets forth the plans and parameters of the combination. We expect to complete the merger approximately one year from now, pending regulatory and accreditor approvals including approval by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. This one year period allows us to thoughtfully plan integration when both organizations will work together on the many critical aspects needed to facilitate a successful integration. However, finalizing all aspects of integration will take a few years. 

  • Saint Joseph’s University. USciences will merge with and into Saint Joseph’s University. Importantly, USciences founded the oldest pharmacy school in North America as Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and this legacy is a differentiator in a crowded market. Plans include preserving the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy name and programs; however, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy will become part of Saint Joseph’s University.

  • Saint Joseph’s University. As is the practice at both Universities, the College or School will also appear on the diploma. We will exercise whatever flexibility we have to respect and honor students’ wishes, if they matriculated or applied to USciences. Students graduating from USciences in May 2022 will receive USciences diplomas.

  • As a combined institution, Saint Joseph’s University will be recognized as a comprehensive education destination providing academic excellence that meets the needs of today’s student and tomorrow’s world. USciences will integrate with and into Saint Joseph’s University to expand value-driven program offerings with a liberal arts core and leading, in-demand professional programs that challenge students to engage in novel program combinations, co-curriculars and high-impact educational experiences. USciences brings expertise in healthcare and sciences and Saint Joseph’s brings excellence in liberal arts, humanities, sciences, education and business programs to our students.

  • Saint Joseph’s will continue to be a Jesuit and Catholic university.

  • Saint Joseph’s University was founded in the Catholic tradition by the Jesuits – an order of Catholic priests who place high importance on both education and service to others. Although we are proud of our heritage, we welcome students of all faith backgrounds. We do not believe that USciences’ current academic offerings or research will be affected. 

    Saint Joseph’s abides by the principles of religious freedom, encouraging individuals and groups to practice their own faith as they choose. The SJU community supports every individual’s faith journey, no matter its tradition. Saint Joseph’s Office of Campus Ministry nurtures the spiritual development of students and fosters a community of believers, for those who choose to participate.

  • Both campuses have excellent facilities and opportunities; thus, the continuation of both campuses should be assumed.

  • Saint Joseph’s Division I programs are a significant differentiator for the University and will not be changing. They offer a place for the University community to gather and are a driver of morale, pride and campus life. We will work mutually and respectfully with the NCAA to determine the details for USciences’ Division II programs. All scholarships – including athletics – will be honored.

  • President Reed will be the president of the combined Saint Joseph’s University.

  • Saint Joseph’s will continue to be governed by its Board of Trustees. At the time the merger is completed, four representatives from USciences’ legacy board will join Saint Joseph’s board.

  • Over the next year, many faculty and staff will be engaged with work associated with planning a successful integration.

  • Both Universities see the merger of our Institutions as a benefit for our alumni community as well. A combined SJU will be home to a network of nearly 100,000 living alumni across the country and the globe. Your memories and your diplomas will reflect your legacy institution, but we will welcome all in our combined University.

  • We should continue to operate with the same energy that we always have for our students, our teaching, our research and our service. However, integration planning decisions that will be implemented after the merger is completed will be made through the lens of what is best for the combined entity.

  • It is always the right time to evaluate opportunities that are in the best interest of our students. This combination expands programs in a way that no other opportunity can, with a complementary fit and geographic proximity. Furthermore, USciences and Saint Joseph’s are like-minded organizations that share a commitment to student outcomes.

  • We expect our merger agreement to be finalized in summer 2022 prior to the start of the 2022-23 academic year, pending routine regulatory and accreditation approvals including approval by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Students applying to both USciences and Saint Joseph’s will continue to benefit from their excellent programs of choice and their tuition agreements will remain the same through graduation. When our two institutions are the combined Saint Joseph’s University, we will also offer students new programs and an expanded campus experience.