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Clinical Learning in Lancaster

We guarantee clinical experiences starting the first year of your undergraduate program. Clinical learning provides the hands-on opportunities necessary to ensure you’re prepared for the future in healthcare. You’ll be in the clinical setting with expert faculty, helping transfer the knowledge and skills you’re learning in the classroom to actual patient care.

Clinical Placements

Our guaranteed clinical placements strengthen your healthcare experience. It’s not just about clinical skills – it’s about collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking to provide the best patient care possible.

What Sets Us Apart

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Multiple Practices Within Your Discipline

Students are placed in a number of settings such as hospitals, outpatient sites and private practices. Each placement offers an opportunity to use different skills, equipment and expertise.


Finding Where You Fit

More facilities and roles mean you can find the practice area that best suits you. This also connects you to potential job opportunities, now or after graduation.


Personal Learning From Top Professionals

Clinical rotations take place in small groups that guarantee plenty of patient and instructor exposure.