Student Research Opportunities

The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support’s research program aims to 

  • conduct research that improves our understanding and support of autistic people today
  • provides opportunities for students and trainees to gain the training and experience they need to become the academic and clinical leaders of autism research and practice of tomorrow

We accomplish this by collaborating with undergraduate and graduate students to design studies to improve our understanding of people with autism, improve existing clinical programs, and create new evidence-based programs for supporting people with autism.

If you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, or postdoctoral trainee interested in making direct, meaningful, and impactful contributions to high quality clinical and experimental research studies consider joining our research team. Many student researchers have gone on to training and leadership positions in the field of autism research and practice, such as doctoral programs, medical school, and other leadership careers in research and healthcare.

Interested in getting involved? Join Dr. McCleery’s laboratory or email Dr. Joseph McCleery at describing your interests.

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Kinney helped support my master's research through interfacing with personnel and families while also providing us space and resources to conduct our study."

Rachel Rivera '20
Rachel Rivera '20

University of Rochester: PhD in Clinical Psychology