Graduate Assistantships

If you are pursuing a master’s degree at Saint Joseph’s University in an autism related field, consider building your resume with an immersive graduate assistantship at the Kinney Center. As a graduate assistant you will help maintain and grow our quality autism programming, as well as mentor and advise Kinney SCHOLARS. In return for your service, Kinney will provide financial support towards your Saint Joseph's University master’s degree and hourly pay. Graduate assistants are required to work 20 hours per week, and can choose to receive supervision hours from our team of Behavior Analysts.


Day Program

Are you a quick thinker with the ability to multitask, problem solve, think on your feet and manage behavioral concerns of our adult learners within the Kinney Center? If so, the Day Program Graduate Assistantship is for you. On average your work week will consist of supporting the Kinney Center Day Program for 20 paid hours and receiving 15 hours of unpaid supervision for those sitting for their BCBA exam. The hours of operation within this program are Monday-Friday, 9 p.m. - 4 p.m.. Participants in the program have varying abilities, interests, communication styles, and community commitments (i.e. activities and employment) making no two days within the Kinney Center alike. Day Program Graduate Assistants will have the opportunity to work in either the daily living track (2) or vocational track (2). We are currently looking for innovative leaders to enhance programming and take adult services to new heights.

Youth programs and activities

Youth Programs and Activities

Our Youth Programs and activities at Kinney is a unique opportunity to serve younger participants as well as serve as a leader for undergraduate practicum students pursuing their BCaBA. Youth programming focuses on the establishment of skills, behavioral concerns, crisis management, and support planning while building social and daily living skills throughout the lifespan. The goal is to collaborate by way of consultation with the caregivers in order to assist in meeting their goals in order to integrate the participants into our additional Kinney Center program options. We hope to expand this program to a broader set of participants with varying ages in order to assist learners and their families during a very difficult time of transition. This position is a total of 35 hours (20 paid, and 15 supervision hours.) Please note: all program Graduate Assistant roles will also incorporate hours in our day service programs.

Tutoring services

Adult and Transitional Programs

Transitioning from adolescence to adulthood can be a scary time for anyone. The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support is currently looking for an innovative mind to build partnerships and relationships with school districts and community stakeholders. In addition, our evening programming aim is to provide cooking, transitional and life skills to assist participants with increasing daily living skills. Program responsibilities include assisting the Associate Director with programming, goal setting, data tracking, as well as information sessions for our newest Kinney Center participants. This position is a total of 35 hours (20 paid and 15 supervision hours). The adult and transitional GA also plays a huge part in our new College Bridge program as well as building relationships with our adult and transitional families in order to assist them with the tools they need to navigate to their "next step". Program participants have the option to enroll during both semesters as well as throughout the summer months. Please note: all Graduate Assistant roles will also incorporate hours in our day service programs.

Playing basketball at the Kinney Center


Do you have an interest in recreational activities, programming and training? We are in the process of revamping and redefining the roles and responsibilities within the program to make it more behavioral analytic in nature. This is your chance to leave a last mark on the lives of individuals with autism and the structure of Kinney Center programming.

The extensive amount of hands-on experience prepared me for the BCBA exam and provided many options post-graduation."

Libby Wagand

Libby Wigand