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Managing Neurodiversity in the Workplace Minor


What is the Managing Neurodiversity in the Workplace Minor?

Today, 1 in 44 people are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but only 14% have paying jobs. Individuals with ASD are often more productive than their neurotypical peers. As more organizations see potential in hiring this untapped employee base, there is an increased demand for managers who are equipped to navigate the unique challenges and capitalize on the many talents of a neurodiverse workforce.

I chose this minor because it's the perfect combination of my interests. As a business major, you become increasingly aware of the lack of neurodiversity resources in the workplace. This often stems from the initial hiring process and recruitment. As a Managing Human Capital major, with a Neurodiversity at Work minor I hope to be an advocate and resource for neurodiverse employees."


Lily Bowditch '23



Four (4) Required Courses:

  • Intro to Autism 
  • Intro to Managing Human Capital 
  • Diversity in the Workplace 
  • Autism at Work Internship

Two (2) Required Electives:

  • Autism: Co-Occurring Conditions 
  • Social Skills Development and Autism 
  • Resources and Advocacy for Autism 
  • Adult/Transitional Autism Services 
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What can I do with an Interdisciplinary Minor in Managing Neurodiversity in the Workplace?

Position yourself as a standout candidate for companies like KPMG, Travelers Insurance, SAP, and Giant Martin who are actively building neurodiversity at work programs. Whether you are going into HR, plan to manage a team, or aim to be a supportive colleague, this minor will teach you the skills and experience needed to collaborate with and empower and increasingly neurodiverse workforce. 

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