Vendor Code of Ethics



Saint Joseph’s University (“the University”), by and through its Office of Procurement Services (“OPS”), is committed to a fully integrated procurement process that promotes fair and open competition.  OPS oversees and manages the University’s procurement and sourcing functions with the highest degree of professional care and ethics.  In order to achieve these objectives, OPS requires each vendor to subscribe to the below Vendor Code of Ethics.

  • A Vendor’s bid or proposal will be consistent with requirements outlined in the University’s solicitation documents and materials.
  • A Vendor will not discuss, consult, collude or conspire with other Vendors intending to bid on the same or similar solicitation for the purpose of limiting competition.
  • A Vendor will not disclose the proposal contents, pricing or terms of its bid or proposal, directly or indirectly, to any other competing Vendor prior to the submission date for any such University bids or proposals.
  • A Vendor will not directly or indirectly make any attempt to persuade, induce or dissuade any individual or entity to submit or not to submit a bid or proposal to the University.
  • A Vendor will perform its contractual obligations at the negotiated price, terms, service levels and any other guarantees set forth in the bid, proposal or contract agreement.
  • A Vendor will submit accurate invoices for goods and/or services actually performed under an awarded contract.
  • A Vendor will accurately and properly record all financial transactions with the University in its  corporate journals, ledgers, books and/or other appropriate records for audit purposes.
  • A Vendor will not offer or give any gift, item or service of value, directly or indirectly, to any University employee, Board Member, contractor or consultant employed in connection with the subject matter of the bid or proposal.  This restriction also extends to the immediate family member of the above-referenced individuals.
  • A Vendor will not, without the prior written consent of the University, initiate, negotiate or render an offer of employment to any employee who is directly connected with, or personally participating in any procurement or other matter involving the Vendor.