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SJU is implementing Two Factor Authentication or 2FA which is an additional layer of security for your computer account.  Until now, a member of the user community needed to know only their username and password to gain access to their account.  Unfortunately, cyber criminals are able to gain access to accounts with weak or compromised credentials and access private and confidential data.

In order to better secure our accounts, the University selected Duo Security to provide two factor authentication.

Duo is an industry leader that provides users with multiple options to gain access to their account using 2FA.  With 2FA enabled, you will supplement your username and password with a code that only you can access. With Duo, the code can be delivered to a device of your choosing, typically your smartphone.  

Using the Duo Mobile smartphone app for iOS and Android devices is the simplest and preferred method for obtaining the second-factor codes, but there are other methods available.


What is Duo 2FA?

Similar to the technology you are already using when you access your bank accounts, Duo 2FA uses two-factor authentication to confirm that the person trying to access your accounts is actually you. When you visit certain SJU applications, you provide something you know: Your SJU username and password. You verify who you are with something you have (your smartphone, tablet, or cell phone). You are granted secure access to the application. Once you have enrolled to use Duo, you will be able to deny access to your accounts (on your Duo-enrolled device) if someone is trying to sign in as you.



Why do we need Duo 2FA?

Passwords simply aren't enough anymore. Over the past few years, phishing and identity-theft crimes have increased in higher education. By requiring you to verify your identity with a device, Duo 2FA adds another layer of security in front of the information, accounts, and assets you access online and your account is protected even in the event your password is stolen.

What services are using Duo 2FA?

As of March, 2018, we have Duo 2FA turned on for all VPN users. We are also in the process of testing Duo 2FA with Banner 9. If you use Banner 9 in test, you will be prompted to enroll in Duo. We anticipate turning Duo 2FA on for all Banner 9 users on March 13th, 2019. Additional services will follow.


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