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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Through the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Saint Joseph’s University, you will build your mastery of how drugs work and unlock your talent for translating research into therapy. 


Offering BS, BS/MS 4+1 accelerated programs, MS and PhD Programs in the disciplines of Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Toxicology and Drug Development & Industrial Pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical sciences is the translational branch of chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology. Basic science discoveries that identify disease processes and targets for intervention are translated by pharmaceutical scientists into therapies that directly impact patient care. Drug manufacturing is another key area of pharmaceutical sciences. Research conducted by pharmaceutical scientists ultimately determines the effectiveness, dose, frequency of administration, and identification of potential complications for a new drug.

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Saint Joseph’s University will help you collaborate closely with pioneering researchers, faculty members and leading pharmaceutical scientists. Here, you’ll find programs in the growing fields of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacology and toxicology. Each of our programs incorporates a strong classroom foundation in the basic sciences, laboratory-based research and collaboration with faculty.

Our students typically find jobs in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries or pursue graduate and/or clinical degrees in medicine and pharmacy. As personalized medicine and custom drug formulations become more a part of everyday health care, pharmaceutical scientists will continue to be in high demand. 


Explore Our Department

Faculty members are proven experts in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacology and toxicology.

Our programs emphasize hands-on learning and offer a wealth of opportunities to get involved in.

Our state-of-the-art learning labs and facilities prepare you well for exciting careers in pharmaceuticals.


Research Program for First-Year Students

Are you a first-year student with a passion for research? Consider joining Saint Joseph’s Explorers and Scholars in Science Program, which allows highly qualified first-year students to gain valuable research skills and solve practical problems in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacology/toxicology using theoretical principles they learn in class. Selected students earn a stipend, work alongside a faculty mentor and present their research findings. 

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