Department of Political Science Faculty Full Time

The political science full time faculty are deeply committed to sharing their research and career knowledge working in U.S. politics, political science, international relations and various other experiences with their students. Many have been published in several well-regarded journals and have conducted research in gender politics, race/ethnic politics, intersectionality, elections, economic transformation, labor relations, comparative politics and much more.

Kazuya Fukuoka, PhD

Professor and Chair of Political Science Department

Barbelin 203
Lisa Baglione

Lisa Baglione, PhD

Professor of Political Science

Director of Gender Studies Program

Co-Director of Washington Center Internship Program

Barbelin Hall 207

Richard Gioioso, PhD

Associate Professor, Director of International Relations Program

Barbelin Hall 205

Susan Liebell, PhD

Professor of Political Science

Barbelin Hall, Room 208

Becki Scola, Ph.D.

Professor and Associate Dean of Assessment, Curriculum, and DEI

Barbelin 204