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The Cornerstone of Jesuit Education

We inspire in students a love of learning, a global way of thinking and a desire to make meaningful contributions to the world.

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As a graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences, you will be ready to engage the world around you and work with a sense of purpose. Through a combination of rigorous academics, experiential learning and guidance from dedicated faculty, you’ll be prepared with the skills, knowledge and confidence for success in a complex, fast-changing world.

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Here in the College of Arts and Sciences, we are educating the next generation of citizens and leaders as they pursue successful lives of meaning and impact in a complex, fast-changing world."

Nathan Baird, PhD

Nathan J. Baird

Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

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Program Spotlight

Genomics MS

Genomics is the future of the healthcare industry. There’s no better time to pursue an education in this rapidly growing field than now. The online master’s in genomics program in the College of Arts and Sciences at Saint Joseph’s University will teach you the advanced genetics and genome-based research and leadership skills needed to leverage your knowledge for improved disease research and patient care.


Students do community-based research each year.


Students involved in an internship each year.


Students participate in Summer Scholars each year.


Students do service learning each year.

Faculty & Departments

Our faculty are dedicated to the development of our students as they prepare for a future that’s ever-changing on a path that is uniquely theirs. Through classroom instruction and departmental mentorship, faculty in all programs encourage exploration, reflection and critical thinking.



Student & Alumni Spotlight

Maddelyn Guerke ’21

At SJU, and as an International Relations major, we talk a lot about the root of injustices around the world and how to combat those injustices. This education and passion has helped me by providing me with a basis of knowledge and experience that is unique to Saint Joseph's.

Maddelyn Guerke ’21

Maddelyn Guerke ’21

Strategic Priority Intern

Conor Neville ’19 (MS)

With the help of my second author, Dr. Anastasio in the psychology department, I was able to make the alterations needed by the editors and reviewers. I am confident that without my SJU education I would not have had my work accepted and published.

Conor Neville ’19 (MS)

Conor Neville ’19 (MS)

Psychology Research

Erin Davidson ’18

My SJU education in general has also prepared me to engage with marginalized populations in way that promotes dignity and empowerment. This summer I've been able to see, in real time, the value of working in solidarity and being a a person "with and for others.

Erin Davidson ’18

Erin Davidson ’18

Mayor's Intern - City of Philadelphia

Featured News

Senior’s Road to Medicine is Paved with Humanity

After three years as a research fellow with Saint Joseph’s Institute of Clinical Bioethics, med-school-bound Daniel DiSandro ’23 has learned that while you don’t always need to treat your patients, you always need to care.

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Saint Joseph’s University student representatives shared their thoughts on the future of the Catholic Church with Philadelphia Archbishop Perez, Pope Francis and the Vatican.