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Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at Saint Joseph's University offers an exciting and challenging curriculum and a broad range of courses to understand psychology as a scientific discipline. The department's focus is on relevant, current research in experimental, clinical, counseling, health care and corporate settings. The full spectrum of activities and concerns of psychologists are covered, with consideration given to ethical issues.

The Department of Psychology offers students a gateway to a diverse range of employment opportunities, including the health and legal professions, human resources and management positions, education and school counseling and other social, industrial and organizational situations. For students interested in pursuing graduate study in psychology, the department offers a five-year combined bachelor's/master's degree program that offers training in the areas of behavioral neuroscience, clinical psychology, neuropsychology, behavioral pediatrics, social psychology, cognitive psychology and developmental psychology.

Students who hold a wide range of interests find psychology personally appealing and professionally relevant. Our graduates go on to become school psychologists, counselors, developmental psychologists, personnel managers, educators, learning disability specialists, social workers, physicians, attorneys, college professors, researchers and successful businesspeople. 

Where Our Graduates Go

    • Adriene Beltz - Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan
    • Maureen Carrigan - Professor of Psychology, University of South Carolina Aiken
    • Ashley Chambers - Research Coordinator at The Monell Chemical Senses Center studying infant flavor learning
    • Jenna DiLossi - Co-founder / Owner, Center for Hope & Health, LLC, Ardmore, PA
    • Jacquelyn O’Malley - Founder / Director, Center for Mindfulness and Wellness, Flourtown, PA
    • Tara Filmyer - Middle school counselor
    • Adrienne Katra - Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) for children with autism
    • Brandon Perelman - Cognitive Scientist at Applied Research Associates
  • Recent SJU psychology students have entered doctoral programs at:

    • Duke University
    • Pennsylvania State University
    • Temple University
    • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
    • SUNY Albany
    • University of Rochester
    • Lehigh University
    • Ohio State University
    • University of Maryland

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Department of Psychology faculty promote excellence through the teacher/scholar model and provide an atmosphere for students to be socially responsible and intellectually curious learners.

News and Announcements

How a Science-Backed Tool Leads to Better Sleep for BabiesJodi Mindell, Ph.D., professor of psychology and an expert on pediatric sleep, describes her research on how sleep patterns differ in various parts of the world and how to improve sleep in infants and toddlers.

Rage Against Gender Bias: New Study Shows When Teens Think It’s OK to LieA new study by Clare Conry-Murray, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology, aims to add some context to conflicts between teens and pre-teens and their parents. The study found that teens and young adults were more likely to approve of disobedience when they believed that parents were unfairly applying rules based on gender.

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Everything I learned from my courses applied to my internship working in a psychology lab studying driving behavior and injury prevention at the University of Alabama Birmingham. I used the skills I developed from research methods and statistics."

michelle mui
Michelle Mui '18, '19 (M.S.)

Former Research Intern at UAB, Current Ph.D. Student at Montclair State University

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