English Major

Do you love words, ideas, and people? Are you amazed at the imagination of Chaucer, the excitement of Shakespeare, or the insights of Sylvia Plath? "I've always enjoyed reading," you say. "I like studying literature, and I've even thought about writing. But what will I do for a living?"

A degree in English offers excellent training for many careers. While some English majors pursue graduate studies in literature to prepare for teaching, others establish successful careers in publishing, law, journalism, business, public relations, advertising and government. The explosion of web-based communications has created a demand for engaging writers. Talented, articulate women and men who can analyze complex situations, think critically and write creatively or persuasively will continue to be sought by employers of all fields.

The teacher-student relationship is one of the English Department's greatest strengths. Small classes, close advising, individualized instruction and discussion-oriented seminars provide a dynamic, personal atmosphere for learning.

The English program acquaints you with many forms of literary expression, deepening your sensibilities and developing your intellect. Clear judgment and concise communication are a goal of every course. Students can choose concentrations in literature, writing, journalism, education or drama, and often decide to minor in another subject. An active internship program offers opportunities to work in a variety of settings, where students gain valuable professional experience before graduation.

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